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Alcohol Relapse Prevention Plan

relapse prevention plan An alcohol relapse prevention  plan needs to start with a goal to  become a person of better  character. When we latch onto  the idea that our reputation is  more important than our character, we are in trouble. Our reputation is what other people think of us. When I was active in my addiction to alcohol, I could put on a pretty good show. Not only did I manipulate well, I was a pro at it. I put on the façade that life was just peachy. All was great in Dave’s world when in fact, I was dead inside: Full of guilt, shame, remorse and self-hatred. When it comes to alcohol relapse prevention, character building is vital. Character is quite different than reputation. And character is something many active alcoholics lack. I certainly did. Our character is who we really are, not the person we pretend to be.

hope sign When I started working on my  character, life changed almost  immediately. I started being  real. That was something new  for me. I actually started being  honest, not only with others,  but with myself. I started  doing what I said I would do,  showing up, being  accountable, being responsible, living selflessly and as a result, I sleep well each day.

Getting honest is the foundation of building good character and is an essential ingredient in an alcohol relapse prevention plan. Getting honest was tough for me, and still is at times. It means being true to others and ourselves. It means looking at ourselves and acknowledging that we are in need of help. Nothing brings us closer to alcohol relapse than our lack of character. When our actions are not aligned with good character, we suffer greatly. We become miserable, and when an alcoholic is miserable, it’s a dangerous place to be. So I encourage you to make it a goal to work on your character every day.



Alcohol Relapse Prevention Plan
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