Hi I am Dave. I am a Sober Coach. Before you read on, you must first understand that I am an alcoholic who struggled with alcohol for 27 years. I would have been considered a high-functioning alcoholic. I had a lovely wife and two amazing kids (still do), and built a career as a businessman. Although I had many wonderful blessings in life, I was bankrupt inside. I felt empty, hallow, two faced, dishonest, remorseful, shameful and guilty. During my active addiction to alcohol, I made many unwise decisions. Many I regret. After repeated attempts to quit drinking, I am now sober. In my journey to sobriety I learned to move on and learn from my past failures. I now live an amazing life. I write this because I want you to understand, I speak from experience.

As I learned to live without alcohol I found that many of my problems were a result of my self-centeredness. And my self-centeredness showed up in my actions. I walked around with a mask, pretending all was well in life, when really it wasn’t. I learned that getting honest with myself and others was a vital step towards my sobriety.

As I learned to live honestly, I became aware of a profound realization. I realized my entire way of living was not aligned with what I believe was my purpose. I believe we all have a purpose in this world. I also believe that most people are living someone else’s life not the life that was intended for them. Ironically, I found my purpose in my struggle with alcohol. I once read, where there is no struggle, there is no progress. I understand this now. I have learned to accept who I am, my past mistakes and move forward in life. As I faced my fears (and continue to) my courage grew stronger each day. Today, I don’t worry about things I used to, like money, material gains, the car I drive, the house I live in, how I look, and what I wear. I am confident in who I am and believe I am living the life I was put on earth to live. I never looked back. I can’t explain in words how free I feel today. Something, I never thought was possible.

So not only have I quit drinking, but I have built my entire life around my passion and what I believe is my purpose. I want to share the insights, knowledge and wisdom I gained in my journey to help others find their purpose, passion and excitement in life. Not everyone will become a Sober Coach like me, but you too have a purpose in life. You have hidden dreams, passions, and desires. Likely alcohol is the the very thing holding you back. You need to take action.

I do charge for one on one coaching and my fees are below. If you are looking for free resources, there are many. You can read my blog. The link is below. You can connect with local recovery organizations that offer meetings for free. You can search online and find chat forums, online resources and literature for free.

If you want one on one time, I am happy to do this. I charge the following:


Skype/Telephone: $75/hour

In Person: $100/hour (plus travel)

Transportation/ Event Escort: $100/hour (plus travel)

24 Hour Service: $500/day

Speaking: $1500/45 min (plus travel)

I am willing to travel anywhere in Northern America

TO BOOK & PAY: Email Me: sober.coach.one@gmail.com or complete he contact form below: 

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