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Take the First Step and Say, “I Need Help”;

Miracles are Happening Every Day

Miracles are happening every day despite the life most alcoholics live, which in many cases, plays out like a soap opera. The chaos, drama, abuse, manipulation, lies, and overall dysfunction, can become your past life.

I have been grateful to see many who thought they were doomed by alcohol bounce back to lives of adventure and excitement. I don’t want to “sell” you on recovery, because finding that type of life requires sacrifice, risk, faith, and action. Most suffering from alcohol abuse find themselves procrastinating and sticking with the usual “comfort and safety,” while living in fear. That comfort and safety is alcohol, despite the misery it causes.

You may have made mistakes. Join the Club. Some of us have lost our families, kids, spouses, and jobs, having destroyed the very things that made life worth living. You might think you are worthless, but there is hope and restoration and a new life waiting for you. Miracles are happening every day, so I encourage all who are suffering to reach out and say, “I need help.” That’s the first step.

Sober Coach One is a place where you can get support. It’s a safe place to hang out, get inspired, connect with others, get information, and share information. Whether it’s you or someone you love who is struggling with addiction, we hope you find some help here. 

If you are not sure what you need, where to turn or have a suggestion then please message us directly on the Sober Coach One Facebook page. Click Here We respond to everyone.

If you need help, Sober Coach One has partnered with Better Help:  Click Here to get started on your new life. 

Take the First Step and Say, “I Need Help”
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