Sober Coach Dave: 

Recovery Coach with 27-years experience

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Dave, founder of

Leader, Sobriety for Life Group

Through my website, I have met hundreds of people with a drinking problem who seek help or want to share their stories. I have led many to recovery. Through Sobriety for Life, I hope to hear from you, although there will never be any pressure to share. I have the expertise to create an ideal group environment, where you have the security of knowing that you will never be judged. A word about my background:

I am a highly paid business executive who travels throughout the U.S. and Canada. Prior to becoming sober, I drank each time I left home to the point of blacking out in a hotel room. That was when I was hiding my alcoholism and it was my consistent behavior away from colleagues, friends, and family.

I came into recovery in February of 2013, but I relapsed five times. Because I was in the company of alcoholics, though, they understood how easy it was to relapse so they welcomed me back and were patient with me.

I have been sober since July 28, 2013.

I learned, in recovery, that our personal healing begins by sharing. At recovery meetings, I was impacted significantly by other peoples’ words; and every time I share my story, it helps me stay sober. Sharing, when you’re ready, will help you, too.

I have also worked with young adults in detox – in a group situation wherein I share my story with those at risk and hear their stories, too. It’s important that I tell my story because one has hope only if one knows he or she is reaching out to the right person – like a recovering alcoholic.

This is the experience I bring to our new group, Sobriety for Life. During our sessions, I will discuss what I know to be true about this disease and help you get sober or stay sober for life. Among other things, you will learn that:

● Willpower alone is not enough to recover from alcoholism. You will learn you can’t “will it away.”

● You can manage your alcoholism only by abstaining; alcoholics are not capable of moderation. Who among us is?

● When you are inclined to do so, it is vital to delve into certain aspects of your life so you can stay sober. Among issues alcoholics use alcohol to deal with are depression, anxiety, and control.

Again, I hope to hear from you, although there will never be any pressure to share. I will create a warm and inviting situation; you can be sure you will never be judged – but you will be helped. There is an end to suffering.


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