Hi Friends, my name is Dave. I struggled with an alcohol addiction for 27 years. I tried every trick in the book to quit drinking and stay sober. Nothing worked. Today I am sober, since July 28, 2013. I found a way out of my addiction. Getting sober and staying sober has been my greatest personal accomplishment.
My profile may come as a surprise. It’s uncommon actually. I will not dazzle you with all my great achievements, formal education, experience, and promises to change the world. Although, I may hold a few accomplishments, my most noteworthy claim is that I just try to be myself, be real, be honest, be transparent, and live with the very best intentions. I try to be my best, not someone else’s best. I also try to bring the best out of others, the people I come into contact with and the people I work with daily. It gives me great pleasure when I collaborate with another human being and see them overcome their addiction, as I had, and move forward to more meaningful existence.
It took me a long time to find this sober reality in my life and now that I have found freedom from my addiction, I am a man on a mission. My mission is a result of a burning desire to help others overcome their addiction. Therefore I founded Sober Coach One. Sober Coach One is an Online Addiction Coaching business designed to help people who are struggling with addictions overcome them.
While I coached people overcome their addictions, requests poured into my email asking me, “how do I start my own Addiction Coaching business?” Since I have a background in business and a desire to help, I decided to expand Sober Coach One and offer a service for those people who not only want to overcome their addiction but also start their own online business as an Addiction Coach. I came to the realization I may not appeal to all people; that I may not be the best person to help all people overcome their addiction. There may be better people equipped to coach others people because of similarities. For example, their type of dependency, background, spirituality, experience, language, culture, and general demographics.
I believe our struggles are meant to be; we can’t avoid them, and that every human has struggled and that our greatest accomplishment is to find a way to overcome our personal struggles then help other people do the same. That is the mission of Sober Coach One.