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Successful Recovery is the Result of What We Do and What We Think

past future When I observe “success” in  recovery, it is almost always the  result of effective practices –  often, daily practices – that are  put in place, and followed, by the  person recovering from  alcoholism. Finding freedom from alcohol in not complicated, despite what is generally believed. Having a plan, and then following that plan, can allow one to enter a new world – one that is completely unfathomable to a person steeped in alcoholism.

Here are a few suggested steps to take if you are struggling with alcohol abuse:

  1. Discuss options with a medical professional, preferably your family doctor.
  2. Reach out for help: Find someone who understands what you are going through. Be sure to find a counselor who specializes in addiction.
  3. Check out recovery meetings in your area: AA is an ideal and logical choice.
  4. Follow the guidance of other people: Listen and learn from people who were struggling with alcohol and found freedom.
  5. Work through the 12-step plan: Have someone guide you through this process.
  6. Read about alcoholism and recovery: Literature can be helpful as you recover from your alcohol addiction.
  7. Write: Writing your thoughts out can be a powerful exercise. The act of handwriting actually reinforces thoughts and helps us think through problems.
  8. Observe daily practices: Pray, meditate, reflect.

Successful Recovery is the Result of What We Do and What We Think

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