At Broadway Treatment Center, we recognize that the successful treatment of addiction requires a caring, long-term approach. Our program offers 24/7 monitored drug and alcohol detox.

Our diverse treatment modalities address the core issues of addiction as well as various physical, psychological, and educational factors. We also help individuals identify the barriers to recovery, including those with co-occurring disorders.

At Broadway Treatment Center, we teach more than just abstinence; clients will come away with invaluable life skills that will enable you to successfully live and lead a life free from the bondage of addiction. We handle everything from beginning to end, intervention to recovery.


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Help for Teens with a Drug or Alcohol Problem

High school life fosters a natural desire to experiment with drugs or alcohol. Between the party scene and the various social pressures of adolescence, it’s easy to get carried away. Know your limits, and know where to turn if you find yourself tangled up in a harmful relationship with substances.



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About Rehab for Teens|Teen Drug Addiction Rehab in Orange, CA

Rehab for Teens is not like any other teen rehab centers. Usually, our clients who enter in our teen rehab program are dealing with a lot more than just substance abuse. Teenage alcoholism is a problem of epidemic proportions. Like previously stated with drug abuse, alcohol consumption most often begins out of a desire to emulate, conform, forget or escape something. Unfortunately, most teenagers are too young to foresee the long term effects their actions may cause. This rings especially true with drug and alcohol consumption. The teen savers approach to teen drug rehab is to encourage independence and self-esteem. We use positive methods and reinforcement to instill the message that they can live a happy and fulfilling life without using drugs.


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